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Seney National Wildlife Refuge

Located just 22 miles away from Pine Bluff, Seney National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1935 for the protection and production of migratory birds and other wildlife. While management of migratory birds is paramount, the Refuge provides habitat for a diversity of wildlife species, both migratory and non-migratory. Approximately 22 species of reptiles and amphibians, 50 species of mammals, 26 species of fish, and over 200 species of birds have been documented on the Refuge. Today the Refuge is comprised of a rich mosaic of marshes, swamps, bogs, grasslands, and forests. Nearly two-thirds of the Refuge is classified as wetland. Seney NWR is located in the east-central portion of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, halfway between Lake Superior and Lake Michigan, and encompasses 95,238 acres. The wildland that today is Seney NWR has not always appeared so wild. This is a land that was once heavily logged, burned, ditched, drained, and cultivated. Despite repeated attempts, the soils and harsh conditions of this country would not provide a hospitable environment for sustained settlement and agriculture. So, nature claimed it once again. What was viewed as a loss by early 20th century entrepreneurs became a huge gain for the wildlife, natural resources, and the people of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The Visitor Center and Marshland Wildlife Drive have closed for the season. They will reopen on May 15. All other approved activities are available from dawn to dusk.

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